Dairy… Does it affect skin?

Hello Hello! Hope everyone’s okay! I’m currently sitting at my desk writing this at 11pm on a Monday night (hold on I think its Monday let me check… it is, just!) as corona has completely thrown my sleep pattern out of whack and time currently is not an issue. Anyone else feel me? So thisContinue reading “Dairy… Does it affect skin?”

Skin, skin, skin…

Hellooooo! Hope you’re all good. I’m currently writing this sitting looking out my window (I’m not as sad as I sound, promise) and it’s absolutely chucking it down. The typical English weather is BACK! I wondered how long the sun would last… It actually exceeded my expectation to be honest haha! Anyway, back to this.Continue reading “Skin, skin, skin…”

My Coronavirus isolation experience

Hello! Firstly for a little bit of context – I am one of the lucky ones who hasn’t (as of today & hopefully writing this doesn’t jinx it!) had Coronavirus. Although my heart goes out to everyone who has and may have lost loved ones to this horrible virus that I think is scaring theContinue reading “My Coronavirus isolation experience”