Let’s talk… SPF in winter!

Aloha! Happy new year one and all! I’m probably breaking many rules on the ’when is too late to say ’happy new year’’ here… but oh well; rules are there to be broken right haha? So HAPPY NEW YEAR! To start the year off well (albeit a month and a quite a few days late…)Continue reading “Let’s talk… SPF in winter!”

Let’s talk… My TempleSpa favourites!

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening… How are we all? Okay, I know I always, always make weather references at the start of these, but can someone PLEASE tell me what’s going on with this weather? It’s hard to keep up with isn’t it haha… But while there’s not much we can do change it,Continue reading “Let’s talk… My TempleSpa favourites!”

My 2020 hit or miss list!

Bonjour! Happy (belated) Christmas & Happy (early) New Years! It’s officially the week of ‘what day is it?’ Isn’t it? Haha. Anyway, hope you all had/have a good one, even it it’s probably primarily indoors! I for one have eaten far too much chocolate, eaten too many Pringles and listened to slightly too many ChristmasContinue reading “My 2020 hit or miss list!”

Retinol, retinol, retinol…

Hey you lovely people! How is everyone? I had the ‘Lockdown birthday’ experience last week. It’s an interesting one isn’t it! Even though it didn’t feel overly different, it did. Does that make any sense at all haha? Anyway, I had a great one and now I’ve stopped drinking and eating crap, I thought I’dContinue reading “Retinol, retinol, retinol…”

My skincare, the extra bits…

Hello ello, How is everyone? I’m currently sitting looking at my orchid next to my desk that I thought I may have possibly killed, thinking it’s actually looking like it finally has some life in it again. This is clearly what lockdown has come to now… how sad haha. Minus my super interesting orchid story,Continue reading “My skincare, the extra bits…”

What I put on my skin day in, day out…

Hiya! Hope everyone’s coping with our friend (more like enemy, but friend sounds better right?) ‘rona at the moment still? Things seem to be looking up don’t they! Slowly but surely, but lets keep positive. Sooooo, I thought it was about time I told you what products I am currently (lovingly) using on my faceContinue reading “What I put on my skin day in, day out…”