Let’s talk… The part of returning to ’normal’ that nobody talks about!

Hello hello! I know it’s been a while… but I’m back! How are we all? I don’t know about you, but I’m now fully vaccinated and am sooo grateful to have had it done and to feel more protected from the certain virus which is rather prominent in our day to day lives now (can’tContinue reading “Let’s talk… The part of returning to ’normal’ that nobody talks about!”

Let’s talk… My TempleSpa favourites!

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening… How are we all? Okay, I know I always, always make weather references at the start of these, but can someone PLEASE tell me what’s going on with this weather? It’s hard to keep up with isn’t it haha… But while there’s not much we can do change it,Continue reading “Let’s talk… My TempleSpa favourites!”

Let’s talk… Turning flexitarian!

Helloooo! Happy Monday all! I have been FAFFING all week/weekend with anything and everything to avoid doing something that actually requires thought haha… Anyone else have these moments? I hope so, as I’m fully aware I’m making myself sound like I hate writing these posts (which I definitely don’t), I’m clearly just in full procrastinationContinue reading “Let’s talk… Turning flexitarian!”

Let’s talk… At home gel nail kits!

Ello ello! Blimey, I’m sure these weeks go past quicker and quicker each week haha… but hope everyone’s had a good one? The news of the ‘roadmap out of lockdown’ is somewhat exciting isn’t it? Whether it’ll stick is another story altogether, but lets keep everything crossed that we’re starting to see the light atContinue reading “Let’s talk… At home gel nail kits!”

Let’s talk… Concealer as foundation!

Bonjour! Looks like I’m back to globetrotting with my opening greetings now doesn’t it? Where shall we go next week eh? Italy, Spain, Croatia…? Literally, I wish! Anyway, hello! Don’t mind me just dreaming of holiday destinations over here… Who’s looking forward to our second bout of snow this weekend? Although if you’re a BrightonianContinue reading “Let’s talk… Concealer as foundation!”