As I’m sure you have noticed by now, my name is Ella. I am a NVQ Level 3 qualified Beauty therapist, Nail technician & Makeup artist and I am currently working as a mobile nail technician in the Brighton/Hove area. I absolutely love all things beauty, skincare & wellness, and that’s why I’m here; to spread the love, talk about something other than nails and hopefully spread some useful tips too!

I have always had a passion (and probably borderline obsessed!) with skincare. Since the age of 13 I have had hormonal breakouts on and off on my face. I by no means have the worst acne/spots now, but I have had it bad in the past and I probably will again at some point in the future, but prevention is always better than cure I guess! (So I absolutely feel your pain if you’re like me!). Nevertheless, now I am slowly learning to deal with it and work with what I have and continue the search for a miracle product/lifestyle; which probably doesn’t exist, but we can keep trying right?

So… Hopefully I can shed some light on here of what I have found to work and what I have found to not work quite so well, all well and truly from my own personal experience. Enjoy!

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The boring part – All my opinions on my page are my own and some of what I think may be different for everyone. It’s pretty obvious but – at the end of the day we’re all human and not all of us work the same, so not everything I recommend will work for everyone. But hey, it’s worth a try right!

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