My story…

I feel like it would be rude to not fully introduce myself properly, wouldn’t it? I’ll try not to repeat myself from my ‘About’ page too much, promise. So here goes …

Hello… Again! So I thought I’d introduce myself in a little bit more detail, so here goes… I’m 21 and I live in Brighton (And where I have lived all my life). As you have probably already noticed, I have a passion for all things beauty, skincare & wellness and that’s basically why I’m here!

(I hope you can’t tell at this point that I’m not a huge fan of writing about myself *deep breath in and out*, Nobody will notice by the end, fingers crossed).

I was inspired to write a blog as it’s something I have always wondered about doing (and I have just never really got around to it, to be honest!) as I have an abundance of information in my brain about things which I have discovered over the years and basically it would be a shame to let it go to waste. (Plus I think my family are probably bored of hearing about it by now, they love me really I think). Also at this very moment in time, it’s April 2020 and we are mid Coronavirus pandemic. So albeit, the perfect time to start a blog!

By now you might be thinking something along the lines of – ‘So what is she actually going to talk about? As her instagram is all about nails!?’ It is and that’s why I wanted to mix it all up a little. So the idea behind this is to share all sorts of information with you that (hopefully) will come in handy to some people! As you may have read already on my other pages is that I’ve had on and off blemishes for years, I’ve had problems with my hair (all down to those pesky hormones, I think), I have worked as a therapist & nail technician, I have worked for Clinique, I have worked in retail, I’ve tried different lifestyle choices to help with certain things, you name it! Moral of the story here is that I would love to share some of the lessons I have learnt along the way and you never know maybe inspire someone to learn from my mistakes/curveballs.

All in all, I’m here to share what I can and hopefully spread some laughs too along the way. So sit back and have a read and hopefully enjoy! (Oh and please no hate, we’re all human).

As I have said on other pages, please feel free to contact me with any queries, I will always try my best to answer to the best of my ability. Please visit my ‘Contact’ page for more information.

Lots of love, Ella x

3 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Hi Ella, good luck with the blog,🌻 I hope you get a lot of followers, and make a lot of new blog friends. I wish you that with all my heart💜💜🤗🤗🥰🥰🥰

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