Let’s talk… The part of returning to ’normal’ that nobody talks about!

Hello hello!

I know it’s been a while… but I’m back! How are we all? I don’t know about you, but I’m now fully vaccinated and am sooo grateful to have had it done and to feel more protected from the certain virus which is rather prominent in our day to day lives now (can’t possibly think which virus this is… can you?😉 ). It’s also so amazing to be able to (sort of) see the light at the end of the tunnel of what’s been a very, very odd 18+ months, be on the road back to returning to slight ‘normality’ and to be able to hug someone without the fear that you could potentially (and to put it bluntly…) kill them. However, things are still not quite perfect yet are they? So that’s exactly what I wanted to talk about…

So let’s kick this off by saying- if you still feel far from ’normal’ and feel like you reallyyy want to show covid where the door is, that is perfectly okay & you are definitely not on your own! On the flip side, if you feel amazing and are back to loving life, that is also perfectly okay. However, things are still very odd lets face it; masks are still a thing (Thanks Omicon, or whatever your name is), you can’t just go and jump on a plane at a moments notice and there is still the ‘do I have covid’ question at the backs of all of our minds an awful lot of the time. Therefore, I for one will happily admit that I still feel far from normal and I think that’s okay. I don’t want this to be a bit of a debbie downer post (it’s not), I just want to be real & frank (because theres a time and a place to beat around the bush isn’t there haha…)

Before I delve too deeply here and as we’re on the subject, I also want to say; To anyone that has lost a loved one to Covid, I really do wholehearted send my condolences to you. I know this post is about the more superficial side of Covid, but I haven’t forgotten about the trauma it’s caused to a lot of people❤️


Much like i’ve said in the paragraph before last; the vaccine rollout has been amazing from the NHS (and all essential workers) staff administering vaccines and the fact that we no longer have to endure lockdowns (hopefully) and can carry on with our ‘normal’ lives more so now is amazing, BUT… the word ’normal’ is still in inverted commas for a reason. One reason being the fact that weren’t we supposed to return to normal after we all got our vaccines? Apparently so…

Like I think a lot of us feel; I was talking to a client the other day and we were laughing about the fact that last March (which feels like yesterday but at the same time, a life time ago) we never would’ve thought all of this would last longer than 3 weeks, did we? (how funny…) Little did we know we’d be stockpiling loo rolls, looking out for people in the army who’d supposedly be watching our every moves & counting the minutes of our daily walks with a pen and paper (what a weird rumour…) and then let’s not forget last months drama… the fuel ’shortage’ (very strong inverted commas there). It’s been pretty wild hasn’t it, but do you know what… we have got through it all so far haven’t we? And that really is something to be proud of!

However, sometimes just ‘getting through it’ isn’t really how it should be is it? This has been nearly 2 years of our lives after all and let’s face it, everything has changed. Also the fact that no one knows when or how this is going to all end, makes it 100 times bloody worse. I don’t know about you but I feel like I now get an awful lot more tired & emotional over nothing these days (coincidence or not I don’t know), but my point is- it’s okay if you feel similar to me because we’ve all been through a lot and it has been exhausting to say the least! Also I don’t know about you but I feel like more than ever, every other person has either personally tested positive or someone they know has. So it definitely hasn’t gone anywhere just yet…

Going back to what I’ve just said above about ’just getting through it’, it’s a funny one isn’t it; because why should we ’just get through it’? Like shouldn’t we all be living our best lives because life is too short? The answer we’re probably all thinking is yes (and we really should be), BUT I guess we can’t really completely just now. So lucky for us all; we’re all pretty good at adapting aren’t we! So we just have to work with it; PPE’d up, lateral flows at the ready and masks in every single pocket & handbag, because this is our new normal (and actually some days its quite nice to go makeup free and to just stick a mask on to hide it, every cloud eh haha) so let’s all try to keep our positive heads on together shall we?

I feel like I’ve jumped back and fourth a bit here and maybe don’t have the clearest of points (not quite as bad as Boris at his speech the other day, but ‘forgive me’😉) but from me to you; look after yourself however you’re feeling! Things still aren’t ’normal’ and we can’t forget that, but seriously try and still do things that are good for the soul, whatever that may be! For me, i’ve had a couple of nights out with friends over the last couple of months (and i’m by no means one of those people whose out every day of the weekend, every weekend) but oh my word did it feel good. Just seeing/connecting (as soppy as it sounds) with people and getting dressed up for something is amazing, like there’s just something about it isn’t there? So my point here is… do something, anything (just make sure you’re safe) that makes you feel good every now and then, because it really can work some magic. And put a big smile on your face!

So I guess really there is a bit of an underlying message here actually… The negative day-to-day side of Covid isn’t maybe spoken about loads (hence the title), but if you are having a rocky day, remember what we’re living through and that yes, Covid is really very, very sh*t, but we’ve got this far! And you know what? Remember that time when you didn’t think you could get through something? Bet ya you did right? Because at the end of the day, we can only do our best and take it a day at a time. I also think sometimes it’s easy to forget that we are all living in a very, very strange/unnatural world right now. So go & give yourself a bit of credit, switch the depressing old BBC news (I know it’s important sometimes but anyway) off and go and do something that makes you smile instead!

On that note; I shall take my ’let’s try to be inspirational’ hat off haha and leave this here and go and carry on in our new ’normal’ painting nails, massaging faces and flying through PPE like there’s no tomorrow. See ya!

Take care, stay safe & get your jabs people!

Lots of love, Ella x

Ps. How on earth is it December tomorrow and Christmas in about 4 weeks? MaDnEsS!

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