Ella May Beauty in 2023…


Firstly happy new year to each and every one of you! I don’t know about you, but I’m actually quite glad (for now) to see the back of feeling like a stuffed turkey on wine to be honest haha… As lovely as it all was of course.

But here we are in a new year with our fresh heads on (or not if that’s the case for you, no judgement…) and I just wanted to let you all know what’s going to be going on with Ella May Beauty & The Beauty Room Hove this year as we have some little changes happening… (nothing awful or major, just a few little tweaks, shall we say)

So without further ado, lets get to it.

As I think we’ve all probably noticed by now, the world is really rather expensive now. Everything has gone up and it still seems to be climbing (sorry to be a negative nancy and remind you…) which is a little bit sad, but here we are and we can only just get through it eh. Unfortunately because of this 2 things are going to be changing everrr so slightly. So:

1. A couple of my prices are going to be upped ever so slightly (CND shellac manicures/pedicures & facials are the two main culprits due to the rising costs of products). But please fear not- I don’t have the heart to do this in January (it’s hard enough already isn’t it…) so from February 1st this will come into play. I will post the updated prices on social media over the next few weeks or so.

And 2. I now have a second job (well from next week anyway!) just to balance everything out a little and to up-skill too! It’s still in the beauty industry, just more on the skin side of things which is very exciting. BUT don’t worry, I’m still going to have the beauty room and space for all of you, we’ll just all have to be a little bit more organised shall we say haha, as my days at the beauty room will be a little bit more sporadic. But we’ll make it work! Also apologies in advance if I’m a little all over the place/a bit disorganised for the first few weeks… please just bare with me haha!

So that in a nut shell, is it all! But just to reiterate- I’m not going anywhere (and definitely not abroad this time!) So for anyone who has vouchers, you can of course still use them and for everyone who comes in for their monthly facial and manicure, you can obviously still have that too! Going forwards too, I will of course still post on Instagram/Facebook stories with my last minute availability when it arises as I know how many of you like a bit of last minute dot com😉 (like myself sometimes…), so keep an eye out for that still!

Other than that, let’s make 2023 a good’en!

See you all soon & thank you as always for your support of my little business❤️

Lots of love, Ella x

Ps. For further updates, follow me on Instagram/Facebook @ellamaybeauty or feel free to drop me a message if you have any questions/queries. Also just to mention- depending on how space/time goes, for the time being I will still be taking on new clients too, so if you are after an appointment, please feel free to get in touch!

One thought on “Ella May Beauty in 2023…

  1. Happy New year and congratulations on your new job sounds like a great opportunity. I was lucky enough to get your Beauty vouchers for Xmas presents and have said to Lisa we must come out for day session again. Totally understand you’re gonna need couple weeks to get your head around new job etc. I will be having a week off of work the week of 13th February so hoping there could be a day that week we can get out to you. Once again congratulations on your new job hope to see you soon xx love Angie xx


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