My Coronavirus isolation experience


Firstly for a little bit of context – I am one of the lucky ones who hasn’t (as of today & hopefully writing this doesn’t jinx it!) had Coronavirus. Although my heart goes out to everyone who has and may have lost loved ones to this horrible virus that I think is scaring the living daylights out of all of us at the moment. Of course to also all of the key workers out there who are still going strong, we salute you!

I thought I would kick off my blog (minus my introduction post) with one that is quite frankly, very relevant at this moment in time. Today is Thursday 16th April 2020 (may have had to check my phone for that, as does anyone else not know what day it is? Maybe just me…) and we are roughly 3 and a half weeks into complete lockdown. It’s a weird world at the moment isn’t it? I think its weird how in about 50+ years time we will no doubt be in a History GSCE exam paper, at least its an easy year to remember right, it only consists of 2 ‘2s’ and 2 ‘0s’, Let’s look on the bright side, eh!

But back to reality… I for one still can’t really get my head around it all. Saying that I feel like I’m in the tiny minority who is actually enjoying it (most of the time). Don’t get me wrong I am extremely bored at times but it makes a nice change to slow down and only really have to worry about what’s important and get by with only ‘essentials’. Normally, I’m quite a get up and go kind of person (well most of the time) so this does make a nice change. I am currently furloughed (I’m sure I’m not the only person who has only just learnt the meaning of that word, right?) so I’m lucky enough to have the privilege to take some time out. While on this subject, again well done to all of the key workers out there powering through!

So what have I been up to you may ask? Honestly I don’t really know. But what I do know is that it has made me want to really focus on my health and fitness (I should probably add here, me and exercise are definitely not besties, but it is what it is) but, I have downloaded the ‘couch to 5k’ app, which I highly recommend by the way if you’re like me (you get lots of walking included in the sessions, which is a bonus all round) and of course Joe wicks comes to the rescue when you cant get out. Before now I always thought ‘Endorphins’ were a bit of a placebo. Actually now I don’t think they are, if you can, please move people! Even if it is placebo it’s always nice feeling a bit more perkier isn’t it?

I have just realised I haven’t pointed out the obvious here – Something I have been up to is starting this of course! Before ‘Lockdown’ (the very week before actually) me and my boyfriend were on holiday at Center Parcs (Bloody love that place) and I was saying, as I have been for a while; how I don’t really have very many hobbies. Little did I know, that ‘Lockdown’ would be the perfect opportunity to change this. So that’s why I’m here. Moral of this story is that it doesn’t really matter if you don’t have many hobbies, it’s never too late to change that! Also as it turns out, I found out that week I actually really enjoy badminton (I mean I’m pretty rubbish but we wont talk about that, haha!).

Even though above here I have said that this is the perfect opportunity to find out something interesting about yourself, we are still in the middle of a pandemic and of course it’s okay not to feel like me. My opinion on this could easily change in a couple of weeks. So don’t beat yourself up, it is inevitably still an extremely unsettling time, so do it- binge watch Netflix, sleep, eat ice cream. You don’t have to be productive (Some of the time I’m not either, we’re all human).

Anyway, hope everyone is doing well and staying home (come on people it’ll probably be the one time in our lives that we get paid to stay indoors and do not a lot), please don’t be the person to drag this out for any longer than it needs to be (I have a birthday in June I need to celebrate… only joking that definitely isn’t a priority but you can catch my drift!). Lastly, take care, try something new, find a new hobby, cook a meal, watch a film, the list is endless..

We have got this!

Lots of love, Ella x

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