My isolation experience, part 2…


How’s everyone doing? What a grey old week, eh? This wasn’t a post I was planning on writing, but hey, here we are haha (I promise I will continue to do more on ‘Beauty’ soon though). I thought I’d write this one as a bit of an extension to My Coronavirus Isolation Experience, but, well 2 and a half weeks later (even though that feel like decades ago haha).

I know it’s really boring to be banging on about the weather, but does anyone feel like me… as soon as the sun goes in and it turns grey it really makes you realise we’re stuck in doors with not much to do? Again here, can I please point out, key workers, you are doing amazing! I’m on my doorstep every Thursday evening at 8pm, clapping for you, saucepan’s and all! However, this week I think it’s really hit me. Anyone else feel the same? I can’t even really work out in what way, it’s weird. I guess like anything, we all have good days and bad days. Also to point out, I’m not complaining in any way here, I just wanted to point out that it’s okay to not feel okay some of the time.

As I have said above, this was a post I wasn’t planning so I have no idea where it’s going to go, but anyway haha. So I guess I should explain what I have been up to, shouldn’t I really? But that would be boring as not a lot has changed, as quite frankly we can’t do very much can we? So instead to keep things positive, I thought I’d share what I’ve learnt along the way so far. (I would highly recommend taking a few minutes to work this out for yourself whenever you can, whether it’s on paper or just in your head, a bit of reflection never hurt anyone. Anddd I can guarantee it’ll be more than you have yet realised!). So here’s mine…

  1. Let’s kick this off with- Having a Lazy/Slow day is 110% okay! To be honest, I used to feel quite guilty about having these but sometimes it can really be what you need. Yeah okay, you may feel a little sluggish sometimes at the end of it but I’m sure, by the next day you will feel raring to go (maybe), if not do it again, simple! In ‘Normal’ times, life can be so fast and busy, I feel like a lot of us forget to look after ourselves. So I feel like this is a really important one.
  2. I may now have a slight obsession with buying flowers. Strange one I know haha, but it’s amazing how much they can really brighten up a space and make you feel happy. It’s even got to the point where I now look forward to buying fresh ones… Is that bad? No, I don’t think so either!?
  3. Keep in touch with friends and family! This one I feel is a big one. Whether it’s a text, call, FaceTime or whatever you feel like, I promise you it will go far! Also I have to say times like these really do make you realise who’s there for you and who isn’t (hopefully nobody has had this revelation too much though, otherwise sorry if I have made you realise…) and apologies for the tiny hint of negativity there, I guess in some ways it’s a blessing in disguise?
  4. Exercise really can make you feel on cloud 9 (or just really knackered), but either way you’ll feel better or you’ll sleep really well so it’s a good all rounder really, let’s face it. This is one point I thought I’d never write, but here we are! Plus anything that raises your heartbeat and gets that blood pumping, is amazing for your skin! Please go and dig those trainers out, you know you want to! (Oh but please don’t forget your spf if you’re going outside though, it won’t take a second to slap on, not literally though please!).
  5. I don’t know about anyone else, but I can’t help but think about what life is going to be like after this. The other day I was watching the film ‘Safe Haven’ on Netflix and the first few times the characters got close to each other, it made me feel like ‘Nooo, 2 metres social distance please’, then I realised it was just a film haha and this was filmed way before all of this occurred. My point here is that I feel like it’s going to be super weird when we’re finally allowed to sit in a pub garden with friends & family and actually sit closer than 2 metres. Then it made me think about how grateful we’re all going to be for times like this and how much we’ll appreciate the little things in life. We can hope anyway! Also, what a belter that first night out will be… We’ll get there guys. (I’m not really as much of an alcoholic as I sound, promise!).
  6. Finishing a book can make you feel amazing! (As an insight into my life a little here- the only time I can read a book normally is on holiday, life just gets in the way normally). However, I made myself read ‘Everything I know about love’ by Dolly Alderton. I say made myself there but actually it was a really easy and amazing book of read. One of those ones to get you thinking, is really relatable and can have a laugh to. Highly recommend!
  7. Last but not least – A good series can change your life, well sort of. (Just to point out here, I’m normally one to get bored with series or watch them really slowly). 1 week ago today I watched ‘Normal people’ on BBC IPlayer for the first time. 1 week later, I’ve watched it twice. Is that enough said haha? If you haven’t already seen it and you like anything romance based, you’ll love it, I can guarantee! I genuinely have been a bit obsessed this week, you know that feeling when you can’t stop thinking about something, yeah it does that to you. It’s one of those things that sends you on an emotional rollercoaster as it’s so relatable, especially when it come to first love and lets face it, most of us have all been there. It gives you all the feels, honestly. My lesson here may be that maybe watching series isn’t a bad thing after all? It does make you feel a bit lazy, but oh well. Saying that, this series would be a hard one to beat… Can you tell I loved it?

All in all, please cut yourself a little bit of slack if you’re feeling a bit sorry for yourself, it’s normal. We are in the middle of a pandemic after all. Please also have a little bit of a think on what you will take away from this moment in time, take my word for it, I feel a lot better now writing this! If you don’t, that’s fine too. There might also only be one thing you have learnt, but that’s still something eh! I didn’t actually think there would be as many points to write about above (so you might surprise yourself) and I know it makes me sound like I’ve been super productive, but it has all been spread across the last 6 weeks, remember. Just please look after yourselves, we will get through this!

Lots and lots of love, Ella x

Ps. Here’s my latest bunch of flowers… £2.50 in Tesco’s, you can’t really go wrong!

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