Let’s talk… TempleSpa!


Oh my word. I am actually sitting in the sun, in England(!!) writing this! What is going on haha? Although I don’t know about you but I’m awfully glad it’s pretty much (I know it doesn’t feel like it some days) spring. However; A. Where on earth has that time gone? And B. Has anyone got any sun cream I can borrow? As I haven’t had my yearly trip to Boots to stock up on body sun cream yet (obviously I have SPF on my face, just in case you were wondering though😉), oh well I’m sure next week the bobble hat will be back out knowing the good old English weather…

Anyway weather talk all well and truly aside, I want to talk to you about alllll things TempleSpa today!

Before I delve too deeply here, I want to be honest with you right from… now. and tell you that YES I do work for TempleSpa and some of the links below will direct you to my personal TempleSpa consultant website; meaning that I earn a small percentage of all sales as commission. However, I want to point out though that I have chosen personally to work for TempleSpa as I genuinely LOVE their products with a passion (and the difference they have made for my skin) and to point out that I’m not doing it because I want to steal all of your money to boost myself up a pyramid scheme with a product that is utterly rubbish (for example & to just be quite frank with you here haha), I’m doing it because I love them.

So there we go & all declarations out the way, let me tell you my story as to why I love TempleSpa so much and why they are quickly becoming one of my most favourite brands around (I’ll try my upmost best to keep it brief, but you know me…)

Sooo… I was introduced to TempleSpa in 2018 when I was professionally trained with them when I worked in a spa for a company who used them exclusively in their spas and I think it’s safe to say, I pretty much immediately fell in love! However, at the very, very beginning I honestly thought that it was going to be one of those brands where they smell amazing in treatments, but it doesn’t really go much further than that (you know the ones), however how WRONG was I! Anddd that is why they are loved by many for a reason. I also very quickly new my bank card was going to be in trouble too haha…

Fast forward a little more and to when I started to see the results on clients and on my own skin too, I quickly realised why it was sold in such exclusive places only, such as: Harrods, exclusive spas/hotels and then online (of course) and through SpaToGo consultants (like me). This is because they are that little bit more high end, but albeit are very, very good products (and I mean that)! Also did I mention they all smell ah-may-zing? Be prepared for your evening cleanse and baths to smell FULL ON spa-like with their products too! The main reason for this is because, all of their products have ingredients in which are inspired by the Mediterranean diet (back story… TempleSpa was born when Mark & Liz (who founded TempleSpa) went travelling around the world and were inspired by the Mediterranean diet and how great it is for your body. So as far as I know… this is what sparked the idea to create products which utilise the amazing benefits of natural, nutritious goodness found in this diet and to have them in the form of skincare. So this is exactly what they’ve done and this is why you’ll see that in a lot of products, ingredients such as: tomato, pepper etc. make regular appearances! (But don’t worry, they don’t go brown or mouldy like they do in the fridge sometimes haha…) Fascinating right?). So I think it’s safe to say that the good old med diet isn’t just good for your inside, it’s good for your outside too!

So there’s your little insight into the brand, now let me tell you about what they’ve done for my skin…

Like I’ve said above, when I first started using them I was a little sceptical as they all smell amazing (but that does obviously mean that they are quite scented of course) however I quickly realised that this didn’t matter in this case, because they really do work! I at the time (just before using TempleSpa) was going through a bit of a breakout, so my skin wasn’t in it’s best ever shape to be honest but I introduced products slowly and was lucky enough to try them due to working with them in the spa. So that’s exactly what I did! Back then, Way To Go (cleanser), Be Strong (serum) & Be Still (moisturiser) ended up being my absolute faves (and still are, along with others) and I can honestly say; my skin was amazing with regular use! Okay, like everyone I still got the odd spot here and there, but that’s to be expected right? I should point out also that I was working abroad too, so it could have been a mixture of the products and the sun, but I wasn’t bothered as it worked haha. Anyway, long story short I carried on using at home after for a short while, but I then (rather stupidly) moved to other products/brands just for the sake of it really, but then guess what happened next…? Yep… the ‘odd’ blemish turned into a much more regular occurrence again. So now I’m happily back with TempleSpa and I think it’s safe to say, my routine is again now pretty TempleSpa heavy (and with my new favourite additions of In The Beginning (cleanser), Toning Essence (toner) & Moisture To Go (moisturiser), but it honestly couldn’t be working any better!

I told you that wasn’t going to be a short explanation didn’t I haha?

Anyway, those product names maybe went in one ear and out the other when reading that there, but as always I want to point out that of course what works for me, may not work for everyone, but it may be worth a shot! Also that TempleSpa isn’t just for ‘blemish prone’ skin, (in fact, marketing wise it’s far from it really) but for me, this is why I like it because it does follow a more ‘gentle & healthy skin’ approach, which I love. They also have the most amazing anti-ageing products which I have seen to work wonders on peoples skin, including a new release; Most revealing. This is a AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) and vitamin A & C complex mask which you apply to damp skin and it bubbles away (a bit like popping candy really) to slough away anything that isn’t needed. It’s wonderful!

Anyway, I won’t frazzle your brains anymore just now with more product names and details about them (I’ll pace myself here haha and save that for another post), but definitely do have a little look if you fancy a little treat! Also, don’t just take my word for it, check the reviews too as they are prettyyy good. I feel I should also mention that they don’t just do skincare either, they offer some makeup bits and the most amazing smelling body care & candles (I’ve recently bought their Siesta Forever candle for my beauty studio and it’s truly delightful!). So go on, have a little mooch…


Before you do delve straight in though, do check the ‘view offers’ section of the website too as there are some pretty good money-saving deals on there (I’m not saying that from a sales point of view either, they genuinely are great offers and you often save a fair old bit!)

Happy skin loving all!

P.s… Please feel free to drop me a message too if you ever need any help deciding, because I know it can be a bit of a minefield sometimes. I also offer one to ones in-person @ The Beauty Room Hove or online if you want to have a play before you buy to rule out any wrong choices!

Take care & enjoy the sunshine while it lasts too!

Lots of love, Ella x

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