Let’s talk… My TempleSpa favourites!

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening…

How are we all? Okay, I know I always, always make weather references at the start of these, but can someone PLEASE tell me what’s going on with this weather? It’s hard to keep up with isn’t it haha… But while there’s not much we can do change it, what we can do is keep applying our SPF anyway in the hope for some sun, right? (Not that you only need it on sunny days though 😉)

Sooo… to follow on from my last post (Let’s talk… TempleSpa!), I wanted to go into a little bit more detail about what I like to use on my skin and why I now feel like I have found MY products (you know the ones; the ones that you you find, they work & then you supposedly stick with you for life once you’ve found them. Supposedly anyway…) So I know in my last post I threw a few TempleSpa product names out there and then left it at that really. So let me give you a little bit more detail on the products I love, how they’ve changed my skin (no exaggeration) & why I don’t think my heads going to be turned (who’s watching Love Island at the moment?😉) towards any other products for the time being…

Before I delve too deeply here though and for those that haven’t read any of my previous skin posts, let me give you a little insight into what my skin is like… So my skin is a bit of a mixed abode to say the least; I’m a bit dry, bit oily down the middle and really rather blemish prone. Soo it’s safe to say I have fun with finding products that work on all of the above.. but now I feel like I may be close to getting it right! I should also point out that most of the products below are pretty universal in the sense of who they work for (one of the many reasons why TempleSpa have knocked it out of the park when it comes to their skincare. Bravo TS!), there really is a product to suit everyone! Okay they may be a tad on the pricier side, but they are so worth it. Oh and last but not least… Like I mentioned in my last post TempleSpa post, I do technically work for them to an extent (as a SpaToGo consultant), BUT only because I genuinely love them, use them all the time and believe that they actually do work (unlike some other brands). So there we go. All declarations cleared up, let’s go…

My top 4 TempleSpa favourites…

My favourite #1…

TempleSpa In The Beginning (Cleansing balm), £30

Now this is a cult favourite & award winner for a reason… It’s buttery crystalline texture (sounds a bit like an M&S ad that doesn’t it haha…) is honestly to die for! I was a actually a little late to join this party and have only been using this religiously for about 5/6 months now, but oh my word it’s amazing! (it’s actually trumped my good old trusty REN cleanser too, which I still like, just not as much as this). It smells like a spa (in a good way) and most importantly; it leaves your face feeling CLEAN. I was actually a little sceptical about using an oily product to cleanse at first as I thought it would be way too ‘clogging’ due to the oiliness for my blemish prone skin, but dare I say it- it’s honesty had the complete opposite effect and I’m sure this is the main reason why I now only get the odd spot as opposed to multiple every day. It’s magic and that’s why I can’t get enough and use it twice a day haha… I also use this on pretty much everyone in my facials too as it’s sooo versatile and works amazingly well with every skin type.

TOP TIP: Less is sometimes more and as Caroline Hirons (aka the skin guru) would say… “Grip not slip” when it comes to balm/oil cleansers to allow for a good massage. So I tend to use a sweetcorn/pea sized amount each time and that’s plenty, but have a play and find what works for you. If I’m wearing heavier makeup that particular day, I may use a little more. Then always use a muslin cloth/flannel to remove (splashing water probably won’t cut it due to it’s oil texture). Also… for a deep cleanse and a real GLOW, I love to massage in (in upward motions) until the beads have pretty much disappeared (you do sometimes have to work it for a while, but it’s worth it) and then leave on for about 5/10 minutes (or whilst brushing your teeth or showering and then just wash off after…) and it works like a dream! It’s beautiful.

My favourite #2…

TempleSpa Toning Essence (Toner), £16

Another recent favourite here for me actually (for some reason I used to think this irritated my skin when I first discovered it working in the spa a few years back, but I really don’t know what I was on about, because it certainly does NOT haha!) It’s blooming amazing and again great for all skin types. It also turns out (and especially when used in conjunction with In The Beginning); it’s great on helping blemishes disappear too. I personally can’t tolerate acid toners on my skin, so this is perfect due to the fact it’s gentle (but does the job) anddd is alcohol free, so it won’t strip your skin within every inch of it’s life! I’m now on my third bottle and after previously slagging off toners, I take it back. Application wise, it’s down to what you prefer (spritzing straight on or onto a cotton pad first) but I find the best way to do it is to spray about 5/6 squirts onto half a regular size cotton wool pad and wipe over your face until it’s nearly dry and then follow up with your favourite serum and/or moisturiser. Throughout the day (especially when it’s warm) it’s also lovelyyyy spritzed straight on over your makeup too. So really, it’s a great all rounder!

TOP TIP: Spritz a bit of this into your mask, straight onto your face before popping a mask on or after you take your mask off and help prevent that maskne! This little tip for me has definitely made wearing a mask more bearable for me this pandemic, that’s for sure! I’ve even got a little handbag size which I carry around with me at all times, is that a bit over the top? Nahhh…

Please excuse the rubbish photo here… a bottle that’s clear and has writing all of the way around is (un)surprisingly hard to photograph haha…

My favourite #3

TempleSpa Moisture To Go (Moisturiser), £38

Now sadly good moisturises rarely come cheap and i’ll admit this is quite pricey for the size, but boy is it good! Due to the fact it’s for combination skin it balances and nourishes in all the right places (it’s rather clever actually) and leaves you with a matte- doesn’t go shiny at all throughout the day finish but then on the flip side, it never feels drying either and almost somehow gives you a glow from within too!? No idea how it manages it, but it somehow does! It feels a little like a smoothing primer (it’s got the smoothing silicone-y like feeling) on application too so therefore works amazingly well under makeup too. Win win if you ask me!

TOP TIP: This would be great on a teenage skin & a male skin too! It smells lovelyyy and fresh with it’s (I’d say) unisex smell. However, if you do prefer something very matte (especially if you’re very, very oily), then Moisture Matte is another good’en from TempleSpa. Either or are both amazing because remember that even if you’re oily, you still need a good moisturiser 😉

My favourite #4…

TempleSpa Lovely Day (Bronzing Gel), £25

Now this is a classic ‘Fake it till you make it’ type product, but sometimes that’s the safest way right? It’s called ‘an immediate response bronzing gel’ (mainly for the face, but can be used on the body too, you just might need a few bottles at a time for the body haha…) and it definitely does what it says on the tin! As I hope many of us do now- apply a decent spf to our faces daily (if you don’t then it’s never too late to start 😉) then it can leave you looking a little pasty all year round can’t it? So this is where Lovely Day comes in. You can either mix a little drop in with your moisturiser or apply it neat (so to speak) over the top of your spf, depending on how bronzed you’d like to be! A nice harm-free natural looking glow in a hurry? Yes please. I also nearly forgot to mention that it’s also water resistant, so great for holidays (although what are they at the moment haha?) but despite being water resistant, In The Beginning gets it off lovely at the end of the day, so it never looks caked on or streaky as you just start again the next day (a bit like makeup really).

TOP TIP: It looks veryyy dark when it comes out of the bottle, but don’t be alarmed! Once massaged in, it cleverly matches itself to your skin tone and will only look as dark as you want it too (i.e. how much you apply and how many times you layer it up as it is buildable). Either way, you will GLOW.

So there we have my favourites… I really could go on all day as there are plenty more products from TempleSpa which I love, but quite frankly, I’m sure you’ve all got other things to be doing than to be sat here reading this for hours haha, so we’ll keep it at 4 shall we…

Like I always, always say too- always remember, what works for me, may not work for everyone. But if you are on the lookout for something new, then I’d highly recommend giving these a shot! I also want to mention that, all of the above really isn’t a sales plot, promise! (I know it can be hard to judge when reading product reviews online) They really are just genuinely products I love.

I almost forgot to mention too… when I first started using In The Beginning (the deep cleansing balm), I did experience a little tiny ‘purge’ at first (and so did my friend when she started using it, but now loves it as much as me). So if you do have similar skin to ours, then maybe bare this in mind and as long as your skin isn’t feeling irritated from use, then power through if you can because it’ll be worth it once you get passed it, I promise.

One last thing here (this might actually be the last now haha…), let’s do a quick raw comparison of what my skin was like 6 months ago, compared to today so you can see what I mean shall we… Both completely natural, unfiltered, no makeup (apart from mascara on the right) and photographed at really beautiful angles with messy hair in both (plus a major resting bitch face in the right photo), but it does the job… Look at that difference! As you can see, my skin still isn’t perfect and is still a little scarred, but do you know what? Who cares haha, it’s much better now and hopefully now it’ll stay that way! And it is really all thanks to TempleSpa…

On that note, I think we’ll leave it there…

Happy skincare’ing all!

Take care & stay safe from Delta,

Lots of love, Ella x

Ps. I’m always at the other end of the screen if anyone ever has any questions or would like a 1-1 to have a chat about all things skincare (as I know it can be a MINEFIELD out there in that beauty world), I’m always here!

Pps. (I just can’t stop typing here can I…) All of the hyperlinks above go directly to my TempleSpa website homepage only (if you’re interested) as it won’t let me link directly to the products. So just take note of the name and pop them in the search bar, if you couldn’t already work that one out… 😉

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