Go easy man!

Hola! Can someone please explain how it’s September, nearly October already? This year has honestly gone by like the click of your fingers hasn’t it, It’s scary! Although one perk is that the Christmas chocolate tins are in the supermarkets now… See, there really is a positive in everything eh ;). Anyway, back to skincare.Continue reading “Go easy man!”

Sun Protection Factor!

Hello Hello! I’m back! How’s everyone doing? It feels like it’s been AGES since I’ve wrote one of these (might have something to do with now being back at work? Maybe?…). But as it turns out, I can remember how to navigate my own website to be able to write a new post, yay! Sooooo,Continue reading “Sun Protection Factor!”

Skin, skin, skin…

Hellooooo! Hope you’re all good. I’m currently writing this sitting looking out my window (I’m not as sad as I sound, promise) and it’s absolutely chucking it down. The typical English weather is BACK! I wondered how long the sun would last… It actually exceeded my expectation to be honest haha! Anyway, back to this.Continue reading “Skin, skin, skin…”


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