• Let’s talk… At home gel nail kits!
    Ello ello! Blimey, I’m sure these weeks go past quicker and quicker each week haha… but hope everyone’s had a good one? The news of the ‘roadmap out of lockdown’ is somewhat exciting isn’t it? Whether it’ll stick is another story altogether, but lets keep everything crossed that we’re starting to see the light atContinue reading “Let’s talk… At home gel nail kits!”
  • Let’s talk… Working abroad!
    Ciao! How are we all doing these last couple of weeks? I have to admit, I for one have felt a bit weird these last couple of weeks (hence breaking my weekly post pledge, oops…). I don’t really know why exactly, but I think the whole; ‘I have no idea what day it is’ doesn’tContinue reading “Let’s talk… Working abroad!”
  • Let’s talk… Concealer as foundation!
    Bonjour! Looks like I’m back to globetrotting with my opening greetings now doesn’t it? Where shall we go next week eh? Italy, Spain, Croatia…? Literally, I wish! Anyway, hello! Don’t mind me just dreaming of holiday destinations over here… Who’s looking forward to our second bout of snow this weekend? Although if you’re a BrightonianContinue reading “Let’s talk… Concealer as foundation!”
  • Let’s talk… Self love!
    Hello… again! Blimey, don’t these weeks fly by at the moment eh! But then again, they probably always have done and it might just the fact that I have too much time on my hands at the moment to actually think about it…? Yeah I reckon that’s it haha. Anyway, I hope you’re all doingContinue reading “Let’s talk… Self love!”
  • Let’s talk… Niacinamide!
    Ello ello! How are we all? I’m currently sitting here at 11pm starting this as I completely, completely forgot it was Thursday evening (anyone else not sure what day it is at the moment haha?) as I’m determined not to break my pledged weekly Friday post, well quite frankly, on week 3… Before I startContinue reading “Let’s talk… Niacinamide!”
  • Let’s talk… Self confidence!
    Helloooo! Hello again, well isn’t this going to be nice having one of these every week for the foreseeable (I’m very much hoping the feeling is mutual there…) The only thing is, is I feel like I’m going to run out of opening lines soon uh oh… Anyway, I hope everyone is doing okay still!?Continue reading “Let’s talk… Self confidence!”
  • Let’s talk… nails!
    Hello ello! How is everyone doing? Enjoying lockdown 3.0? (Don’t feel you need to answer that one haha…). I know we’re all fed up talking of talking about a certain virus by now, so all I will say is I hope you’re all coping okay, continuing to stick to the rules and managing to notContinue reading “Let’s talk… nails!”
  • My 2020 hit or miss list!
    Bonjour! Happy (belated) Christmas & Happy (early) New Years! It’s officially the week of ‘what day is it?’ Isn’t it? Haha. Anyway, hope you all had/have a good one, even it it’s probably primarily indoors! I for one have eaten far too much chocolate, eaten too many Pringles and listened to slightly too many ChristmasContinue reading “My 2020 hit or miss list!”
  • What a blooming weird year!
    Hello hello! How is everyone doing with good ol’ lockdown 2.0? It’s getting a bit boring now isn’t it… Now, I am fully aware that once again this isn’t a beauty related post (I need to be careful here that the corona posts don’t overtake the beauty posts on here, oopsy haha…), but quite franklyContinue reading “What a blooming weird year!”
  • Go easy man!
    Hola! Can someone please explain how it’s September, nearly October already? This year has honestly gone by like the click of your fingers hasn’t it, It’s scary! Although one perk is that the Christmas chocolate tins are in the supermarkets now… See, there really is a positive in everything eh ;). Anyway, back to skincare.Continue reading “Go easy man!”
  • Sun Protection Factor!
    Hello Hello! I’m back! How’s everyone doing? It feels like it’s been AGES since I’ve wrote one of these (might have something to do with now being back at work? Maybe?…). But as it turns out, I can remember how to navigate my own website to be able to write a new post, yay! Sooooo,Continue reading “Sun Protection Factor!”
  • Retinol, retinol, retinol…
    Hey you lovely people! How is everyone? I had the ‘Lockdown birthday’ experience last week. It’s an interesting one isn’t it! Even though it didn’t feel overly different, it did. Does that make any sense at all haha? Anyway, I had a great one and now I’ve stopped drinking and eating crap, I thought I’dContinue reading “Retinol, retinol, retinol…”
  • My skincare, the extra bits…
    Hello ello, How is everyone? I’m currently sitting looking at my orchid next to my desk that I thought I may have possibly killed, thinking it’s actually looking like it finally has some life in it again. This is clearly what lockdown has come to now… how sad haha. Minus my super interesting orchid story,Continue reading “My skincare, the extra bits…”
  • What I put on my skin day in, day out…
    Hiya! Hope everyone’s coping with our friend (more like enemy, but friend sounds better right?) ‘rona at the moment still? Things seem to be looking up don’t they! Slowly but surely, but lets keep positive. Sooooo, I thought it was about time I told you what products I am currently (lovingly) using on my faceContinue reading “What I put on my skin day in, day out…”
  • My isolation experience, part 2…
    Helloooo, How’s everyone doing? What a grey old week, eh? This wasn’t a post I was planning on writing, but hey, here we are haha (I promise I will continue to do more on ‘Beauty’ soon though). I thought I’d write this one as a bit of an extension to My Coronavirus Isolation Experience, but,Continue reading “My isolation experience, part 2…”
  • Dairy… Does it affect skin?
    Hello Hello! Hope everyone’s okay! I’m currently sitting at my desk writing this at 11pm on a Monday night (hold on I think its Monday let me check… it is, just!) as corona has completely thrown my sleep pattern out of whack and time currently is not an issue. Anyone else feel me? So thisContinue reading “Dairy… Does it affect skin?”
  • Skin, skin, skin…
    Hellooooo! Hope you’re all good. I’m currently writing this sitting looking out my window (I’m not as sad as I sound, promise) and it’s absolutely chucking it down. The typical English weather is BACK! I wondered how long the sun would last… It actually exceeded my expectation to be honest haha! Anyway, back to this.Continue reading “Skin, skin, skin…”
  • My Coronavirus isolation experience
    Hello! Firstly for a little bit of context – I am one of the lucky ones who hasn’t (as of today & hopefully writing this doesn’t jinx it!) had Coronavirus. Although my heart goes out to everyone who has and may have lost loved ones to this horrible virus that I think is scaring theContinue reading “My Coronavirus isolation experience”
  • Introduction
    My story… I feel like it would be rude to not fully introduce myself properly, wouldn’t it? I’ll try not to repeat myself from my ‘About’ page too much, promise. So here goes … Hello… Again! So I thought I’d introduce myself in a little bit more detail, so here goes… I’m 21 and IContinue reading “Introduction”

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